Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies
Built to plan the 8'6" Chameleon is an "Egg" but builders can't seem to resist changing it to suite themselves.
"The 8' 6" Chameleon"  
We stretched the
Chameleon a full 12" but
kept all the other
dimensions the same.  
Just a little more flotation
to accommodate the
bigger riders looking for
performance.  The 8' 6"
Chameleon is the
longboard that when its
built according to plan is
an "egg" that lets you
make the most of any size
surf.  But, like its little
brother the 7'4" Chameleon
it can be modified to really
and maneuverability

Length - 8’ 6”
Egg Style
Width –23 1/2".
Nose – 17 1/4"
Tail – 15 1/2"
Thickness – 2 3/4"

We can send these kits
anywhere in the world. If
you live outside the U.S.
lower 48 states you must
order an Export Kit
A 7'4" Chameleon was reshaped
into an "Asymmetric" for the 2011
Sacred Craft show in Del Mar CA
which honored legendary designer
and shaper Carl Ekstrom.
International Sales
(Including Alaska and Hawaii)
Kits sent to lower 48 US States
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All frame kits are now
available made from
marine grade paulownia
ply.  Its lightweight,
rot-resistant and only a
few bucks more than