Your frame kit arrives at your front
The ribs and spar are punched out and the
frame is  built  just like an airplane wing.  
The numbered ribs are slipped into notches in the spar
with the matching
The center strip is critical and is the first
one installed.  The remaining wood
strips are added two at a time.
Plastic wrapping film is stretched into
a string and looped around and under
the ribs to hold the planks tight while
the glue dries.
Once deck if finished the frame is
extremely  rigid and can be released from
the building table.  The sticks are snapped
off and the glue spots removed.
Blocks are added at the tail for the fin box  
and leash cup.   Once the bottom is
installed and glassed, you install the fin box
and leach cup just like a foam board.
The bottom planks are installed and
rough balsa planks on the bottom.  This
combination makes for a very strong yet
light board
The edges of are sanded until the deck and
bottom are even .  This ensures that a
perfect outside contour is achieved.  
The rails are built up in layers using balsa or
The rails are built up in layers using balsa or
pattern.  other light wood.  You can also
The ribs and spar are mounted a couple
inches above the building table using
scrap sticks and a hot melt glue gun.  
Here's an overview of the build from start to finish.  We call this the Brad Tucker building
system because Brad developed the process.  And he's perfected each step over the past
5 years by building dozens of great boards!  An electronic  book that  shows all Brads
secrets and building techniques comes with each kit.  
The kits are cut from mahogany ply wood
on a computer-controlled CNC machine.  
All kits are cut to precise  tolerances.
Show it off and then go surf!
Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies