Hollow Wooden Surfboard" ebook by Just
updated to Revision 10.  "Building a
describes the design  and surfboard
from scratch.   Plans for several boards are
included.  This 105 page ebook is for the
builder who wants to do every step of the
process himself.

This book does not cover the kits sold at
this site and the flat top boards built from
this book are different from the boards built
from the WSS kits.

This update includes Tom Blake boards,
Alaia's, and a special section showing all the
details and measurements for a 1950's Velzy
and Jacobs balsa longboard.
This manual is FREE and includes all the
information required to build any of the
surfboard kits shown on this web site.

All models sold by Wood Surfboard Supply are
covered in this book with unique details
included where necessary.  

This book is supplied as part of each kit and
is not sold separately.  The book can be
downloaded for personal use but may not be
copied or reproduced in part or in total
without written permission of Wood
Surfboard Supply Inc.
"Wood Surfboard Supply 2014 Frame

Free download of Wood Surfboard

Shows frame details for all 27 kits
currently available.  Catalog can be
viewed on line or downloaded and
saved for reference.
An affordable, comprehensive guide to
building your own Alaia surfboard from
scratch. Includes every step of surfing an

33 pages of comprehensive step-by-step
instructions supported by over 60 high
resolution color photos. Every step of the
Written in Australia and sold worldwide his
book is "the" reference for alaia building.

The book is an eBook which is a pdf file
that will be emailed to you shortly after
Building a Hollow Wooden
by Jack Young
Ebook plus optional full size spar templates
How to Shape Your Own
Alaia Surfboard
Shortly after you check out you will
receive an email with the book
attached. Please allow for time
zone differences.
Please Note - Instant Delivery!
This is an Ebook, not a printed copy.  Right
after you check out you will receive an email
with a download link attached.  No waiting!
See all the specifications in our
new catalog.
Add full size spar templates for the
Longboard, Fish, Shortboard, and Funboard
for only $9.99
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WSS Wood Surfboard Kit
Instruction Manual
High resolution version (14.7 Meg)
Zoom on pictures with minimal loss
of detail.
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