Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies
Built to plan the Chameleon is an "Egg" but builders can't seem to resist changing it to suite themselves.
"The 7' 4" Chameleon"   
The Chameleon is a  
longboard that behaves
like a shortboard. When  it’
s built according to plan
it's an "egg" that lets you
make the most of any size
surf.  But it can be
modified to be much
more.  You can sharpen
the nose  and tail for more
speed and maneuverability

Length - 7’ 4”
Egg Style
Width –23 1/2".
Nose – 17 1/4"
Tail – 15 1/2"
Thickness – 2 3/4"

We can send these kits
anywhere in the world. If you
live outside the U.S. lower
48 states you must order an
Export Kit
"The 8' 6" Chameleon"  
We stretched the
Chameleon a
full 12" but kept all the other
dimensions the same.  Just a
little more flotation to
accommodate the bigger riders
looking for performance.  The 8'
6" Chameleon is the longboard
that when its built according to
plan is an "egg" that lets you
make the most of any size
surf.  But, like its little brother
the 7'6" Chameleon it can be
modified to really and

Length - 8’ 6”
Egg Style
Width –23 1/2".
Nose – 17 1/4"
Tail – 15 1/2"
Thickness – 2 3/4"
7'4" Chameleon reshaped into a semi gun.  Builder Jack Young
A 7'4" Chameleon was reshaped into an "Asymmetric" for the 2011 Sacred Craft show in
Del Mar CA which honored legendary designer and shaper Carl Ekstrom.
Left:  Preston Kunz and his "bone stock"
Chameleon looking for the beach.

Right:  WSS team rider Cache Tucker
flies down the line on his Chameleon at
"Church" break, San Onofre, CA
Chameleon Frame Kit and Instructions
Customize your kit with these options:
Basic Frame Kits Sent to U.S. Lower 48 States
Chameleon Complete Kit
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This kit contains your choice of a 7'6" or 8'6" Chameleon frame and: your choice of a polyester,
epoxy, bio resin or bamboo cloth glassing kit. Also included are seven 3' paulownia planks and 9
three-foot balsa sticks used to make the rails. We also add a glass-on tri fin (thruster) kit with a
leash cup.  Finally there is a glassing supplies kit with all the brushes, mixing cups, nitrile gloves,
sandpaper, masking tape, squeegees, razor blades, and resin additive according to the glassing
kit you choose.  Really all you'll need is glue!    
Complete kits cannot be sent outside the US
lower 48 states.
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Chameleon Export Kit  -  Orders Sent Outside the U.S. Lower 48 States (Including Alaska and Hawaii)
Choose Your Kit
An export kit is the same as a regular domestic kit except  the ribs and spar
sections are cut from the backing material so they fit a 1-meter long package that can
be sent anywhere in the world.  The cuts are made at non-critical spots and the
pieces are coded so that matching the pieces is easy.   We also include some extra
wood to reinforce the joints. The manual shows exactly how to do it.  An export kit
built according to the instructions is just as strong as a domestic kit.
Typical Export Kit Ready for International Shipment.
Three ways to get your Chameleon kit. Pick the one that's best for you.......