Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies
The "12'6" Clearwater SUP" is all
about performance paddling.  It was
designed to slip through the water with
minimum effort.

The Clearwater SUP was designed by
Randy Bogardus and is race proven!

12’ 6” Clear Water SUP
Width – 27 3/4"
Nose – 7"
Tail – 14 1/4"
Thickness – 6". - Nose
4" - Tail

The Clearwater SUP builds up like our
other fish bone frame kits.  This SUP
designed to deliver speed and stability.
The basic kit contains the CNC-cut ribs
and spar.  Other materials needed to
complete the board include wood for
the decking, fiberglass, fin, and vent.  
These items can be purchased either  
from Wood Surfboard Supply or  locally
by the builder.

We can send these kits anywhere
in the world. If you live outside the
U.S. lower 48 states you must
order an Export Kit
Introducing the "12'6" Clearwater SUP" designed by Randy Bogardus
International Sales
(Including Alaska and Hawaii)
Kits sent to lower 48 US States
This board is for advanced riders.  The
performance hull will prove challenging for
beginniners. Once mastered though you will
outrun the competition!

In spite of its appearance the construction of
the Clearwater SUP is similar to other wood
strip boats and surfboards.
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