Wood Surfboard Supply (WSS) was founded in 2009 by Brad Tucker and Jack Young.  Both Brad and Jack already had successful businesses in the wood
surfboard field and formed a partnership to take it to the next level.  As owner of www.hollowbalsa.com, Brad was designing surfboards and building them on the
CNC machine in his custom cabinet shop.  He developed building techniques that make it possible for just about anybody to build a wood surfboard that not only
looks great but it actually surfs great too!    

Jack had authored a book and several articles on wood surfboard construction and Brad contacted him about writing the instructions for his kits.  When Jack saw
the innovative building methods Brad had devised - and the quality of the finished boards - he jumped at the chance to write the manual.  After discussing plans,
ideas, and goals Jack and Brad founded Wood Surfboard Supply and incorporated it in early 2009.  The idea was "If we are going to do this we're going to do it

WSS is a family operation.   Brads wife Ashley runs the office and Jacks wife Marcia keeps the finances in order. Then there is super surfer Cache Tucker who
tests all the designs and keeps the two "old dudes" in touch with the youth segment.  Cache is also an accomplished builder who is has a knack for getting wood
surfboards to be lighter, faster, and more maneuverable.

We try our best to answer questions and support our customers through the building adventure.  Send an email any time to either Jack or Brad and we'll get right
back to you.  
You can call us directly at (714) 834-9968
or email us at:
Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies