Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies
"The 7'0" Driftwood" This
is the real hot rod of the
Driftwood series. It has the
speed and agility you
expect from a performance
hybrid when its built to plan
but it can be shortened to
6'6" for an even more
radical profile. Choose the
your style and harden the
rails for snappy turns and
an edges that hold tight.  

7’ 0” Performance Board
Width – 22"
Nose – 18 3/4"
Tail – 16"
Thickness – 3"

We can send these kits
anywhere in the world. If
you live outside the U.S.
lower 48 states you must
order an Export Kit
Justin test rides the 7'0"
Driftwood at Churches in San
Onofre.  Justin is used to
much shorter boards but loved
the way the 7'0" Driftwood let
him have a shortboard
experience on a longer board.  
The board lets you combine
shortboard moves with
longboard style.
International Sales
(Including Alaska and Hawaii)
Kits sent to lower 48 US States
For pricing and purchasing information select your favorite WSS dealer from our
home page
All frame kits are now
available made from
marine grade paulownia
ply.  Its lightweight,
rot-resistant and only a
few bucks more than