Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies
E-Glass Kit
Each  E-glass kit contains the special "E" glass fiberglass cloth
designed for surfboards and the correct amount of polyester resin
and hardener.  Epoxy or Entropy Bio Resin can be supplied at
additional cost.  These kits contain the fiberglass fabric and resin
only.  Add a Glassing Supplies Kit shown below and you'll have all
the tools and materials you need for a successful glassing job.
The truth about glassing a wood board!

There is a common myth that you can't use polyester resin on a wood board.  This is true on oily woods such as cedar, redwood, fir etc.  But polyester resin works
fine on paulownia and balsa and we have the boards to prove it!

We offer polyester resin as an option because it saves you money.  Epoxy is eco friendly - especially the Entropy plant based bio resin - but the polyester resin we
put in our complete glassing kits works great with the wood in our kits.
This kit contains mixing cups, buckets, tack rags, and a whole box of nitrile gloves.  
It also contains various grits of sandpaper, 10 brushes, stirring sticks, masking
tape, pinline tape, and razor blades,  Its the perfect complement to any of the E
glass glassing kits.
Glassing Supplies Kit