Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies
"The Mini Mal" Classic
mini Malibu style
longboard with its roots
in the 60s.  Build it with
modern rail profile for a
great performer or stick
with the traditional
50/50 rails for that
sweet paddling
nostalgic feel.  The Mini
Mal is a perfect starter
board for the younger
experienced rider and
makes a great
8’ 5” Mini Malibu
Width – 22 1/2"
Nose – 21 3/4"
Tail – 15 1/4"
Thickness – 2 1/2"
This board was built with paulowina and redwood decking
and balsa bottom.
An export kit is the same as a regular domestic kit
 the ribs and spar sections are cut from the backing
anywhere in the world.
The cuts are made at non-critical spots and the pieces are
coded so that matching the pieces is easy.   Also included is
some extra wood to reinforce the joints. The manual shows
exactly how to do it and its emailed as soon as the order is
processed so you can start planning while the kit is on its way.
Customize and Order Your Kit in 3 Easy Steps
International Sales
(Including Alaska and Hawaii)
We can send these kits anywhere in the
world. If you live outside the U.S. lower 48
states just order an Export Kit
Step 1 - Choose Your Frame
Frame Kit
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If you want the frame kit only go directly to Step 3.
Step 2 - Choose Building Accessories
Select the accessories you want and they will be added to your order when you check out.
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Step 3 - Checkout and Tell Us Where to Send Your Kit
Kits sent to lower 48 US States
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