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Material may not be used without permission of Wood Surfboard Supply Inc. (WSS Inc.) Site Revised  04/10
All builders are invited to our Southern California shop each Saturday  to see the new boards, ask
questions, get tips, etc.
Workshops will be held once a month between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM  The time and date will vary
according to demand.
Workshops may also be held at the beach or at other surfing- related locations.
Call ahead to see where it will be.
No purchase is required to attend!
Brad and/or Jack will be there working on their boards and ready to answer questions.  
Due to liability issues we can't let anybody use the equipment.
If you are thinking about building a wood surfboard, have questions about your build, or just want to
see the shop, call to make sure we are here and we'll show you around.
The shop is in Santa Ana , CA  but sometimes it will be held at other locations.
Call (714) 834-9968
We get dozens of requests every week to ship wood outside the US.  If you can
supply wood - especially paulownia and balsa - anywhere outside the US please
let us know and we will send you customers.  Just send me an email at
jack@woodsurfboardsupply.com telling me where you are located, what kind of
wood you can supply and what countries you can ship to.