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"The What I Ride" The Robert
August What I Ride is the board
Robert takes around the world
during his surf travels. It makes
sense to ride a board that
maximizes your fun regardless of
the conditions. "What I Ride"
utilizes a 60/40 rail configuration
which, in combination with a nifty
tear drop concave conveniently
placed under the 18" wide nose,
greatly enhances your style of
nose riding.

The WIR kit is currently available in
two sizes:

9’ 0” What I Ride
Width – 22 3/4"
Nose – 18"
Tail – 15"
Thickness – 3"

9’ 6” What I Ride
Width – 23"
Nose – 18"
Tail – 15"
Thickness – 3"
The prototype Robert August "What I Ride"
was built by Malcolm Schweitzer of
Schweitzer Surfboards in St. Thomas Virgin
Islands.  This board was built using exotic
woods such as flamed maple and Brazilian
walnut.  The inlays were done with laser-cut
abalone.  This board caused quite a stir at
the 2010 Sacred Craft show in Santa Cruz,
except  the ribs and spar sections are cut from the backing
material so they fit a 1-meter long package that can be sent
anywhere in the world.
coded so that matching the pieces is easy.   Also included is
some extra wood to reinforce the joints. The manual shows
exactly how to do it and its emailed as soon as the order is
processed so you can start planning while the kit is on its way.
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