Wood Surfboard Supply at the 2013 Board Room
International Surf Expo in Costa Mesa, California
We brought a couple Paddle-Cats to the show.  You
can see how nicely they fit on the top of Brad's van.  
No trailer needed!
We weren't even set up and other exhibitors were
checking out our boards!
We displayed finished boards and the Paddle-Cat. Mike Ramsey brought
a bunch of the boards he built from WSS kits.  Mike entered one of his
boards in the "Best of Show" contest - and won!
Our double booth got pretty full and we ended up having to use the
Eco-Chamber Simmons for a table.  Sorry Bob, - wherever you are.
Mike Ramsey's board called "Twisted" took "Best of Show" for Artistic
Board. Hard to see in this pic but the board is really twisted with beautiful
wood and perfect joinery.  This makes two shows in a row that a WSS
board has won a Best of Show ribbon.
More of Mike Ramsey's work.  This isn't a veneer, its actual wood
painstakingly selected, joined, and glued up on a WSS frame.
Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies
Beautiful chambered balsa board from Robert August Surfboards.
All the contest entries lined up for display.  
Steve Pezman (left) of Surfers Journal