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Now you don't have to travel to Ecuador to buy a genuine VicGar balsa surfboard.  WSS has a limited stock of these
beautiful high performance surfboards built by Victor Garcia.  Until now only tourists could buy these boards but WSS has
reached an importing agreement with Victor.  We currently have 5 boards with more arriving in January 2012.

Contact us for pricing and details.
Board 1
Board 5
Board 4
Board 3
Board 2
These are the five chambered balsa VicGar boards we
currently have in stock.

Victor Garcia has been building surfboards since 1976
using plantation-grown Ecuadorian balsa.  He selects the
lightest, strongest, and most beautiful wood for his boards
and hand-crafts surfboards that have soul and spirit.  The
wood for each board is carefully cur, book matched, and
laid our to deliver  maximum artistic impact.  And the
boards surf great too!

You can see Victors "workshop" on the beach and many of
his beautiful creations by visiting his Facebook page.  Just
enter  "Victar Garcia Shaper"

If you see a board you like there are two ways to get it. You
can fly to Ecuador to pick it up yourself or you can call us
and we'll get it in the next shipment.
email us at info@woodsurfboardsupply.com