Andrew Borg in Malta has built, ridden, and raced wind surfers and sail
boards for years.

Andrew built an Orca SUP kit and modified it to accept a sail. We are now
offering a kit of the same parts Andrew used on his conversion.

After finishing his build he wrote
"The fin boxes and fittings in your
sailboard conversion kit are excellent, they are the best this planet
has to offer".
 The conversion is so easy and inexpensive its amazing!  "It
really is a great big free ride board and it would be a sin for anyone to
build the Orca or Lake Superior and not add on a deck box and sail".
Fin and Mast mounting kit includes the following:

  •  10" Reinforced Black Fin Box
  •  10" Heavy Duty Black Mast Box
  •  Heavy Duty Fin Tab Slider and Screw
  •  1 1/4' Black Leash Cup
  •   Fiberglass Fin (currently available in natural only)
  •  5/8" Glue-in Vent
Sails, masts, and rigging not included in this kit.
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available in
Natural color only
Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies
A note about this conversion: adding a sail to an Orca or Lake Superior SUP kit will
produce a docile cruiser-type windsurfer.  It is not recommended for extreme sailing
such as acrobatics or heavy surfing.  With