Surfboard Kits and Building Supplies
The "Orca" was designed for
stand up paddling which requires
maximum flotation and stability.  It's
at home on a lake or in the surf.  It
has a flat bottom and enough
rocker that it is at home paddling
into a wave,

12’ 0” Ocean SUP
Width – 30 1/4"
Nose – 19 3/4"
Tail – 17 3/4"
Thickness – 4 3/4 in.

The "Lake Superior" was
designed for stand up paddling  in
lakes and calm water.  It has less
rocker  than its cousin "The Orca"
because it doesn't have to
contend with waves.

12’ 0” Lake SUP
Width – 30 1/4"
Nose – 19 3/4"
Tail – 17 3/4"
Thickness – 4 3/4 in.
Choose one of our 12' SUPS for easy paddling or the 11' Malco for all-out SUP performance.
You can order just the frame kit or add a glassing kit or fin kit.  
Or you can go all out and get a complete kit that has everything you'll need except tools and glue.
The " Malco" 11 foot SUP was
designed by Malcolm Schweizer
It has a little concave in the
nose and a slight "V" in the tail.
Plus the new rib design lets you  
build the rails two different ways
(built up solid rails or wood strip
hollow rails)

11’ 0” SUP
Width – 30 3/4 in.
Nose –23 3/4 in.
Tail – 19 1/2  in.
Thickness – 4 1/4 in.

The Malco has good hull speed
for "flat-out" paddling as well as
the ability to plane for surfing.   
You can paddle fast for long
distances, but still be able to
easily surf once you are there.  
It is designed with paddling in
mind - its not just a big
surfboard that comes with a
Above:  Dr. Brent Ruby  paddles the lakes of

Below right: Brent and his son Zach tried out the
Oregon  surf.

Left:  Eric Becktell's Orca
An export kit is the same as a regular domestic kit
 the ribs and spar sections are cut from the backing
material so they fit a 1-meter long package that can be sent
anywhere in the world.
coded so that matching the pieces is easy.   Also included is
some extra wood to reinforce the joints. The manual shows
exactly how to do it and its emailed as soon as the order is
processed so you can start planning while the kit is on its way.
Customize and Order Your Kit in 3 Easy Steps
(Including Alaska and Hawaii)
Kits sent to lower 48 US States
Step 1 - Choose Your Frame
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If you want the frame kit only go directly to Step 3.
Step 2 - Choose Building Accessories
Select the accessories you want and they will be added to your order when you check out.
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