Wood Surfboard Supply's "Tom Blake" retro surfboard frame parts are precision cut from lightweight paulownia
on a CNC machine.  Paulownia is strong and about half the weight of pine.   Also the solid pine nose block is
now a machined paulownia block that saves many pounds in the nose of the board.  The width, length, and
thickness of the board are true to Tom's original plans and nobody will know the difference - until they lift it!   
If you want to build a "Tom Blake" style surfboard that is true to his original 1932 design here
is the kit for you!  The kit contains super light paulownia ribs , nose and 2 piece tail block.
You will need a couple sheets of
plywood, several long 2 x 4s, nails,
screws, and glue to complete this board.
Due to the size of the pieces the Tom
Blake cannot be shipped outside
mainland US.
We tested our prototype Tom Blake in the SUP and Kayak section of
San Onofre Beach.  It floated well, didn't take on gallons of water and
created quite a stir among the other surfers.  It was so much fun we
decided to make it a reasonable weight so everybody can enjoy it.  We
replaced the heavy pine ribs and nose block with lightweight paulownia
and made them a little thinner.  The weight savings is significant!  The
pine version was about 80 lbs and the paulownia version will be about
half that.  The changes aren't visible from the outside so it still looks
authentic hanging on the wall or used as a bar or table top.
We have changed this kit design.
Contact brad@tuckersurfsupply.com for more info
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