The Robert August "What I Ride" is Done!
The board debuted in the Robert August booth at the Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo in Santa Cruz and stopped
people in their tracks.  The most common words used were "stunning", "unbelievable", "incredible" and
"awesome".  You probably won't use the exotic woods or expensive inlays that we used on this prototype but
you can build a great riding hollow wood version of the original board using our frame kit.  
The kit is licensed by Robert August Surfboards.
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This kit is currently available in 9'0", and 9'6"  and a 7'6" is in prototype.  Every detail of the original shape is built into the frame so that
the finished board has the same length, width, thickness, rocker, rail profile and the bottom concave as those shaped by Robert himself.
This board is on display at Austin
Hardwoods in Santa Ana CA.
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7'6" What I Ride.  Paulownia and Redwood Deck, Balsa Bottom  Weight 15 lbs